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WELCOME to PayPro the first decentralized bank !

Hello all, today i’m gonna talk about Paypro ! An incredible financial marketplace where Decentralized Application (dApp) will be able to offer its services. Dapps are proudly to compete among the market to become our supplier. With an unique key feature of PayPro who bring decentralization to a new high level ! The marketplace is not decentralized only at a technical level but also at a strategic level. This is why a lot of people call it the UBER of banking.

How it works :

In order to accomplish this goal, an universal wallet will be build to store the most popular crypto-currencies and ERC-20 token.

To deal with the problem :

During the world recession on 2007-2008, the banks hodl all the information and users are not able to take objectives decisions. The center of the relationship with banks is not the client but the bank itself. A lot of neo-banks appear but they still have not managed to avoid the main problem with banks ; centralization of services.

The solution :

A financial market place where any dApp can offer its financial service, based on four axis :

Transparency : every user will be encouraged to rate a dApp after using it. This way the user will contribute to offer a rating so any other user willing to use the dApp will know whether it complies with his expectations or not.

Loyalty : users will be rewarded for rating dApps.

Enhanced competition : suppliers contributing to the marketplace by offering their services can generate a second source of income thanks to our rating system. This way we aim at getting on board the more dApps as possible ; the more dApps in the marketplace, the more competition, which will ultimately force suppliers to struggle on the quality of their services.

Improved services : the system is made so ratings go down through time and hence, dApps are forced to keep high ratings at all times.

Paypro App Website
BitcoinTalk Thread
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